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  • “Success is a Process not a Miracle,” Edwin Musiime Tells KIU CEM Students

“Success is a Process not a Miracle,” Edwin Musiime Tells KIU CEM Students

  • Umar Umar
  • March 24, 2022, 5:55 pm
“Success is a Process not a Miracle,” Edwin Musiime Tells KIU CEM Students

KIU, Main Campus - Edwin Musiime, a TV personality and CEO of Olim Group Africa and Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs has advised KIU College of Economics and Management (CEM) students to always work hard in order to succeed rather than thinking of miracles.

This was during the KIU Workplace Series, a career and skills development programme organized by CEM in the Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library under the theme “Creativity and Innovation - Crucial Skills that are Urgently Needed in the Workplace Today.”

Musiime told students that in life people are not interested in how you are but who you are and he went ahead to advise students to spend time adding value to themselves, especially through investing time in reading.

 “If you want to grow you must read, if you do not have a reading culture adopt it,” Musiime said.

He added that success is a process and not a miracle you are going to manufacture adding that, “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, create it and execute it.”

Musiime further advised students to pick their friends wisely and select only those that ignite their ability to think and those who can challenge them.

He listed physical capital, intellectual capital, spiritual capital, time capital, financial management, emotional capital and innovation as the seven types of capital that can help students grow if they put them into consideration.

Students have applauded the KIU management for organizing the KIU Workplace Series that have changed their thinking and enabled them interact with their mentors.

Among the KIU administrators in attendance were Anita Muhairwe Malinga, the lead organizer of the programme, Samuel Kamutungye from the Admissions Department and Elizabeth Kyamanywa, the University Administrator,
The KIU Workplace Series is a work readiness programme that offers students a set of workplace skills and behaviors that are necessary for students to exhibit professionalism and achieve success in their chosen careers.