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James Nyanzi Best Student at KIU 23rd Graduation, Wants to be a Job Creator

James Nyanzi Best Student at KIU 23rd Graduation, Wants to be a Job Creator

KIU, Main Campus – With a CGPA of 4.63, most people would already be harbouring dreams of getting a high-paying white-collar job.

Not KIU’s best performing student at the 23rd KIU graduation, James Nyanzi.

The Bachelor of Economics and Applied Statistics graduate has other plans. He wants to use the knowledge and skills acquired at KIU to create jobs for other people.

“I am planning to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired to also help some other people in my community through setting up businesses that will uplift their lives,” Nyanzi says.

“Once those businesses are established so many people will be employed,” a confident Nyanzi adds.

And after his name was read out by Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Mamdani on Saturday, April 24 as one of the fresh graduates from Uganda’s best private university, Nyanzi hit the ground running with his various plans, rather than celebrate.

Other than set up business, which is a daunting task in itself, he has already embarked on writing proposals for effective implementation of public plans and policies because, in his words, “they are being implemented without any benefit to the people at the grassroots.”

He also plans on working with different organizations within the country as a data analyst for proper good record-keeping since many of them are facing that challenge yet data can be sustainably used to predict future developments.

As he leaves the KIU academic arena – at least for now – Nyanzi is eternally grateful to a plethora of people who have aided him in his academic journey, and who he says he will forever be indebted to.

Top on this list is the KIU Board of Trustees who offered him a half-bursary for his degree. He is also grateful to his parents Ruth Ntabazzi and Herbert Kabanda, uncle Noah Wamala Nyanzi and aunties Maama Lincoln, Esther, Robinah, and Harriet as well as his siblings Joan Muganwa and Brian Ssengooba, who financially supported him in his academic journey. 

“I also thank my lecturers from the Department of Economics and Statistics such as Wilfred Martin Kawiiso, Madam Bitiyali, Madam Gladys, Edson Mwebesa, and my HOD Mr. Franklin and other lecturers in the department,” he says

Nyanzi intends to continue with his studies at the Master’s level if resources and circumstances allow. He advises those still at university to put God first in whatever they are doing, never give up, always work hard and smart, and never to lose hope because it’s through hard work and having hope that they can prosper and achieve their goals and dreams.

Congratulations Fred Nyanzi! We wish you the best in your future endeavours.

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